Carl Gelber: Family Lawyer in Pointe-Claire

Carl Gelber handles family, civil, estate, criminal and corporate law for client’s in Pointe-Claire and throughout the West Island. From divorce proceedings to wills and estates, Carl Gelber represents your interests in a conclusive and personalized manner. Called to the Quebec Bar in 1970, Carl Gelber brings lengthy trial experience before both municipal and provincial courts to your case.

Practising Family Law: Marriage and Divorce

Divorce is painful and complicated. Carl Gelber will try his best to make this confusing process smooth, peaceful and fair. He’ll take the burden off your shoulders and make it his duty to pursue your objectives. It is imperative to seek out sound legal advice on complex family law matters at the outset. He’ll work towards the successful resolution of delicate issues such as parenting rights, property division and child support.

Help With a Range of Other Legal Matters

Carl Gerber and his team have been navigating the ins and outs of the Canadian legal system since 1975. He provides legal guidance on matters pertaining to:

  • Wills and estates
  • Corporate and commercial law
  • Criminal litigation
  • Young offenders
  • General law

A Dedicated Team of Law Professionals

When you need legal assistance tailored to your needs, Carl Gelber and his team of dedicated legal professionals are ready to assist you. From the moment you retain his services through to the completion of your case, you work one-on-one with Carl Gelber. This will allow you to feel comfortable asking questions and getting to know your rights and obligations.

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Serving the West Island for over 30 Years Before All Provincial and Municipal Courts

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